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Your Choice Supports Coordination provides Supports Coordination for participants in the Adult Autism Waiver in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties. We also provide Supports Coordination Services for the PFDS, Community Living, and Consolidated Waivers in Delaware County. Our person- centered planning and community focused approach to locate, coordinate, and monitor needed services and supports for Waiver participants is what differentiates us from other Supports Coordination Organizations.

With many years of combined experience, Your Choice Supports Coordination is led by two women who have dedicated their careers to serving individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. Our supports are customized to meet the needs of the person and their family members. What makes this organization unique is our customized approach, our low "caseloads", and our low turnover rate. We keep our caseloads below the state maximum to provide the highest quality of service. 

​ We work with each person and their family to creatively help them achieve what they envision to be a full and meaningful life.



We met in 2001 as Supports Coordinators for the Delaware County Office of Intellectual Disabilities. It was there that we were able to begin professionally helping individuals and families connect with the supports needed to help their families. 
As the years went by and our careers went separate ways, we continued to communicate about the changes in the Disability field. The one thing that we would often discuss was the lack of continuity in Supports Coordinators. We both agree that this is something that would clearly be a challenge for people accepting this service and their family members.

In 2017, we founded Your Choice Supports Coordination, exclusively focusing on the quality of the services that we provide. Our experience has led us to believe that keeping the number of participants we serve down leads to better service delivery.

Therefore, in 2018, we welcomed our first Supports Coordinator, followed by our second in 2020. We continue to be grateful that our journeys have led us to be able to offer exceptional and consistent Supports Coordination to Waiver participants and their family members. You can rely on our expertise, commitment, and most importantly consistent follow through when you partner with us.






Supports Coordination involves the location, coordination, and monitoring of needed services and supports. The Supports Coordinator (SC) assists participants in obtaining and coordinating needed waiver and other State plan services, as well as housing, medical, social, vocational, and other community services, within the waiver programs and other community resources. The service includes both the development of an ISP and ongoing supports  coordination..

Consultation Services

  • Registration guidance and preparation for families

  • Supports Coordination Organization support, HCSIS support, Audit prep, Policies and Procedures, compliance systems, supervision model , trainings, etc. 

  • Team Consults: Assist individuals and families with current challenges 

  • Assist families with future - long term planning


  • We put our individuals first and advocate for their wants and needs.

  • We provide Support Coordination in 4 counties in Pennsylvania to remain knowledgeable about the current resources and providers in each.

  • We conduct surveys for all individuals served to assess our
    effectiveness and quality of service.

  • We provide flexible work hours to meet the unique needs of participants and families.

  • We take a team approach that includes family involvement.

  • Caseload sizes do not exceed 20 individuals to ensure quality services
    are provided.  

  • We respond to all communication within 24 hours during typical business hours.

  • Supervision is provided to Supports Coordinators on a consistent basis to ensure all participants needs are met.

  • Our small size allows us to implement a team approach with Supports 
    Coordinators working together to brainstorm and problem solve for 
    everyone supported.

  • We Continue to receive excellent State audit and Quality Assurance reviews.

Meet The Team

Jon Doe

candice headshot.JPG

Candice M. DiLorenzo

Co-Founder and Executive Director

 Candice graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  Shortly after, she began working with families and individuals in the community as a Supports Coordinator and Supervisor with the Delaware County Office of Intellectual Disabilities.  After leaving Delaware County, Candice worked as a managing director for an agency overseeing both Residential and Home and Community based services.  Candice provides Supports Coordination for Participants in the Adult Autism Waiver, Consolidated, Community Living, and PFDS Waivers. In 2020 Candice received her certification in Quality Management from the Office of Developmental Programs. Candice lives in Delaware County with her husband and three Sons. 


Nancy M. Hunter

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Nancy graduated from Shippensburg University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Shortly after graduation, Nancy began working at the Delaware County Office of Intellectual Disabilities where she held a position as a Supports Coordinator working with waiver funded participants and then spent several years as the Waiver Coordinator. After leaving Delaware County, Nancy began monitoring services for individuals who had previously resided in institutions and worked as a Supports Coordinator in the Adult Autism Waiver. Nancy provides Supports Coordination for participants accepting the Adult Autism Waiver, Consolidated, Community Living and PFDS Waivers. Nancy lives in Delaware County with her husband and two Daughters.

andra .JPG

Andrea Steckline
Supports Coordinator

Andrea has a Masters degree in Social work from Widener University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s degree she began her career of working with Individuals with Disabilities. She has played many roles in the field as a Direct Support Professional, Program specialist, Day Program Director and Director of Community Engagement. Andrea was interested in working one on one with participants and knew that Supports Coordination would be a direct link with individuals and families.  Andrea, Candice, Nancy, and Jen had been colleagues throughout their careers and always had the same person-centered visions and dreams for people with different abilities.  Andrea joined Your Choice in January 2020.  


Jennifer Green
Supports Coordinator


Jen graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.  Shortly after graduation Jen began working for the Meadows Behavioral Health Treatment Facility at a Mental Health Residential Site in State College.  Upon moving to Delaware county Jen began working for Northwestern Human Services in a dual diagnosed Day program for Intellectually and Developmentally delayed adults with Mental Health diagnoses.  Following a promotion and shift to Residential Services Jen became Assistant Program Director in charge of numerous residential homes within Delaware County.  It is through Jen's work at Northwestern Human Services that she became connected with Nancy and Candice.  As a result of Jen's clear commitment and passion to the field Candice and Nancy welcomed her to Your Choice Supports Coordination in April of 2018.


Anthony DiLorenzo
Supports Coordinator

Anthony graduated from Pierce College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He has spent most of his career as a Director at Acme Markets. His role there has provided him with a wide range of leadership, team facilitation and collaboration skills. While doing this work Anthony has worked side by side many community agencies in an effort to successfully employ individuals with disabilities. He has been recognized for these efforts throughout his career and has a passion for supporting people with different abilities to live the way that they have determined is most meaningful to them.  For many years, Anthony has also volunteered with Your Choice Supports Coordination in many capacities. Anthony has decided to formally join in these efforts in a more consistent role and therefore, has worked to become credentialed as a Supports Coordinator and began providing these services in June of 2023.  Anthony provides Supports Coordination services in the PFDS, Community Living and Consolidated Waiver programs. 




Parent of Waiver Participant 

"Candice's compassion, commitment, honesty and dedication are second to none. She engages with not only the individual she services, but with the persons family. She acknowledges and respects the family unit as a whole. She has always been honest and trustworthy, not to mention flexible and creative with her service delivery."


Parent of Waiver participant

"Nancy has been the most efficient, competent and professional person that I have had the pleasure to work with. She truly cares for her clients and their families. No task is too difficult and no request is left unanswered. Nancy works well with the agency and family for the betterment of the client.  Her clients are her top priority. I have seen my son grow and become a more independent adult due to the ideas and strategies  that we implemented through her guidance and support. I don't know what I would do without her!"


Waiver Participant

"I think you might be the most helpful and proactive Supports Coordinator I have ever worked with, and you've done a superb job!"

Adult Autism Waiver Participant 

" In all my years of working with different people to help me you are the first person that has worked with me not "on" me."

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